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  1. Dataset for Rumble and Gange 2013_Plant data

    Dr Heather Rumble (Creator) & Gange, A. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 2 Nov 2018


  2. Dataset for Complex kame belt morphology, stratigraphy and architecture

    Dr Harold Lovell (Creator), Livingstone, S. (Creator), Dr Clare Boston (Creator), Booth, A. (Creator), Storrar, R. (Creator) & Barr, I. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 11 Jul 2019


  3. Dataset for 'Visual exploration in adults: Habituation, mere exposure or optimal-level of arousal?'

    Dr Erik Gustafsson (Creator), Sirois, S. (Creator), Blanchette, I. (Creator) & Francoeur, C. (Creator), SAGE Publications Ltd, 17 Mar 2020


  4. Dataset for 'Victims, vignettes, and videos: meta-analytic and experimental evidence that emotional impact enhances the derogation of innocent victims'.

    Dawtry, R. J. (Creator), Callan, M. J. (Creator), Harvey, A. J. (Creator) & Dr Ana Gheorghiu (Creator), Open Science Framework, 26 Feb 2020


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