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  1. Data availability statement for 'The mystery of photometric twins DES17X1boj and DES16E2bjy'.

    Mr Christopher Martin Frohmaier (Creator), D'Andrea, C. (Creator), Macaulay, E. (Creator), Elizabeth Samantha Swann (Creator) & Maria Vincenzi (Creator), Oxford University Press, 13 Apr 2020


  2. Data availability statement for 'Observing the earliest moments of supernovae using strong gravitational lenses'.

    Max Foxley-Marrable (Creator), Dr Thomas Collett (Creator), Mr Christopher Martin Frohmaier (Creator), Goldstein, D. A. (Creator), Kasen, D. (Creator), Elizabeth Samantha Swann (Creator) & Dr David Bacon (Creator), Oxford University Press, 11 May 2020


  3. Data availability statements for 'The Hubble constant tension with next-generation galaxy surveys'.

    Bengaly, C. A. P. (Creator), Clarkson, C. (Creator) & Professor Roy Maartens (Creator), IOP Publishing, 1 May 2020


  4. Dataset for 'Money or morality: fairness ideals in unstructured bargaining'.

    Dr Wolfgang Luhan (Creator), Roos, M. W. M. (Creator) & Poulsen, O. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 2020


  5. Data availability statement for 'Constraints on decaying dark matter from weak lensing and cluster counts'.

    Enqvist, K. (Creator), Dr Seshadri Nadathur (Creator), Sekiguchi, T. (Creator) & Takahashi, T. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 1 Apr 2020


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