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  1. File Sharing Data

    Dr Joe Cox (Data Manager), Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, 22 May 2015


  2. Green Growth in oil producing African countries

    Kizys, R. (Creator), Ackah, I. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 22 May 2015


  3. Is the local Hubble flow consistent with concordance cosmology?

    Bengaly, C. A. P. (Creator), Larena, J. (Creator), Professor Roy Maartens (Creator), IOP Publishing, 1 Mar 2019


  4. Metadata for 'Minimally invasive colorectal surgery in the morbid obese: does size really matter?'.

    Dr Mick Harper (Creator), Panteleimonitis, S. (Creator), Parvaiz, A. (Creator), Dr Ngianga Ii Kandala (Creator), Figueiredo, N. (Creator), Qureshi, T. (Creator), Popeskou, S. (Creator), Springer, 23 Jan 2018