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  1. Supporting information/dataset for 'Accelerated volume loss in glacier ablation zones of NE Greenland, Little Ice Age to present'.

    Carrivick, J. L. (Creator), Dr Clare Boston (Creator), King, O. (Creator), James, W. H. M. (Creator), Quincey, D. J. (Creator), Smith, M. W. (Creator), Grimes, M. (Creator), Evans, J. (Creator), John Wiley & Sons, 14 Feb 2019


  2. Supporting material statement for 'UK guidelines on oesophageal dilatation in clinical practice'.

    Sami, S. S. (Creator), Haboubi, H. N. (Creator), Ang, Y. (Creator), Boger, P. (Creator), Mr Pradeep Bhandari (Creator), De Caestecker, J. (Creator), Griffiths, H. (Creator), Haidry, R. (Creator), Laasch, H. (Creator), Patel, P. (Creator), Paterson, S. (Creator), Ragunath, K. (Creator), Watson, P. J. (Creator), Siersema, P. D. (Creator), Attwood, S. E. (Creator), BMJ Publishing Group, 1 Jun 2018


  3. Video games dataset

    Dr Joe Cox (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 21 May 2015


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