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  1. Dataset for 'The dimensions of hotel customer ratings that boost RevPAR'.

    Dr Marta Nieto-Garcia (Creator), Professor Alessio Ishizaka (Creator), Professor Giampaolo Viglia (Creator), Resce, G. (Creator) & Occhiocupo, N. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 16 Oct 2018


  2. Dataset for 'Victims, vignettes, and videos: meta-analytic and experimental evidence that emotional impact enhances the derogation of innocent victims'.

    Dawtry, R. J. (Creator), Callan, M. J. (Creator), Harvey, A. J. (Creator) & Dr Ana Gheorghiu (Creator), Open Science Framework, 26 Feb 2020


  3. Dataset for 'Visual exploration in adults: Habituation, mere exposure or optimal-level of arousal?'

    Dr Erik Gustafsson (Creator), Sirois, S. (Creator), Blanchette, I. (Creator) & Francoeur, C. (Creator), SAGE Publications Ltd, 17 Mar 2020


  4. Dataset for Complex kame belt morphology, stratigraphy and architecture

    Dr Harold Lovell (Creator), Livingstone, S. (Creator), Dr Clare Boston (Creator), Booth, A. (Creator), Storrar, R. (Creator) & Barr, I. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 11 Jul 2019