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  1. Dataset for 'Money or morality: fairness ideals in unstructured bargaining'.

    Dr Wolfgang Luhan (Creator), Roos, M. W. M. (Creator) & Poulsen, O. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 2020


  2. Dataset for 'On the Role of Emotions in Experimental Litigation Contests'.

    Eisenkopf, G. (Creator), Friehe, T. (Creator) & Wohlschlegel, A. (Creator), University of Portsmouth, 14 Jan 2019


  3. Dataset for 'Physical activity, sleep, and fatigue in community dwelling Stroke Survivors'.

    Dr Ant Shepherd (Creator), Pulsford, R. M. (Creator), Poltawski, L. (Creator), Forster, A. (Creator), Taylor, R. S. (Creator), Spencer, A. (Creator), Hollands, L. (Creator), James, M. (Creator), Allison, R. (Creator), Norris, M. (Creator), Calitri, R. (Creator) & Dean, S. G. (Creator), Springer Nature, 30 Apr 2018


  4. Dataset for 'Pulling for the team: Competition between political partisans'.

    Huang, L. (Creator), DeScioli, P. (Creator) & Dr Zahra Murad (Creator), Figshare, 19 Nov 2020


  5. Dataset for 'Recommendations for securing Internet of Things devices using commodity hardware.'

    Scott, M. (Creator), Dr Steven James Ossont (Creator) & Cox, S. J. (Creator), University of Southampton, 11 Nov 2016