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  1. Data availability statement for 'Biologically-inspired motion modeling and neural control for robot learning from demonstrations'.

    Yang, C. (Creator), Chen, C. (Creator), Wang, N. (Creator), Dr Zhaojie Ju (Creator), Fu, J. (Creator), Wang, M. (Creator), IEEE, 21 Aug 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Blip glitches in Advanced LIGO data'.

    Cabero, M. (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Nitz, A. H. (Creator), Dent, T. (Creator), Barker, D. (Creator), Goetz, E. (Creator), Kissel, J. S. (Creator), Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), Schale, P. (Creator), Schofield, R. (Creator), Davis, D. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 17 Jul 2019


  3. Data availability statement for 'Both starvation and outflows drive galaxy quenching'.

    Trussler, J. (Creator), Maiolino, R. (Creator), Professor Claudia Maraston (Creator), Peng, Y. (Creator), Professor Daniel Thomas (Creator), Goddard, D. (Creator), Lian, J. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 23 Nov 2019


  4. Data availability statement for 'C IV black hole mass measurements with the Australian Dark Energy Survey (OzDES)'.

    Avila Perez, S. (Creator), Macaulay, E. (Creator), Elizabeth Samantha Swann (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Aug 2019


  5. Data availability statement for 'CXCR4 has the Potential to Enhance Bone Formation in Osteopenic Rats'.

    Sanghani-Kerai, A. (Creator), Osagie-clouard, L. (Creator), Samizadeh, S. (Creator), Coathup, M. J. (Creator), Kalia, P. (Creator), Disilvio, L. (Creator), Professor Gordon William Blunn (Creator), Mary Ann Liebert Inc., 8 Jun 2018


  6. Data availability statement for 'Calibration and application of the Chemcatcher® passive sampler for monitoring acidic herbicides in the River Exe, UK catchment'.

    Townsend, I. (Creator), Jones, L. (Creator), Broom, M. (Creator), Gravell, A. (Creator), Schumacher, M. (Creator), Professor Gary Fones (Creator), Professor Richard Greenwood (Creator), Professor Graham Mills (Creator), Springer Nature, 25 Jun 2018


  7. Data availability statement for 'Characterization and engineering of a plastic-degrading aromatic polyesterase.'

    Austin, H. P. (Creator), Allen, M. D. (Creator), Donohoe, B. S. (Creator), Rorrer, N. A. (Creator), Kearns, F. L. (Creator), Silveira, R. L. (Creator), Pollard, B. C. (Creator), Dominick, G. (Creator), Duman, R. (Creator), Omari, K. E. (Creator), Mykhaylyk, V. (Creator), Wagner, A. (Creator), Michener, W. E. (Creator), Amore, A. (Creator), Skaf, M. S. (Creator), Crowley, M. F. (Creator), Dr Alan Thorne (Creator), Johnson, C. W. (Creator), Woodcock, H. L. (Creator), Professor John McGeehan (Creator), Beckham, G. T. (Creator), Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 17 Apr 2018


  8. Data availability statement for 'Classifying the unknown: discovering novel gravitational-wave detector glitches using similarity learning'.

    Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator), Coughlin, S. B. (Creator), Bahaadini, S. (Creator), Rohani, N. (Creator), Zevin, M. (Creator), Patane, O. (Creator), Harandi, M. (Creator), Jackson, C. (Creator), Noroozi, Z. (Creator), Allen, S. E. (Creator), Areeda, J. S. (Creator), Coughlin, M. (Creator), Ruiz, P. (Creator), Berry, C. P. L. (Creator), Crowston, K. (Creator), Katsaggelos, A. K. (Creator), Osterlund, C. (Creator), Smith, J. R. (Creator), Trouille, L. (Creator), Kalogera, V. (Creator), American Physical Society, 16 Apr 2019


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