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  1. Data availability statement for 'Digitally facilitated newspaper consumption and value co-creation'.

    Chen, C. S. (Creator), Dr Meng Shan Wu (Creator), Nguyen, B. (Creator), Dr Stacey Li (Creator), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 14 Sep 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Dissecting deep learning networks - visualizing mutual information'.

    Fang, H. (Creator), Dr Victoria Wang (Creator), Yamaguchi, M. (Creator), Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 23 Oct 2018


  3. Data availability statement for 'Early-life adversity selectively impairs α2-GABAA receptor expression in the mouse nucleus accumbens and influences the behavioral effects of cocaine.'.

    Mitchell, S. J. (Creator), Maguire, E. P. (Creator), Cunningham, L. (Creator), Gunn, B. G. (Creator), Linke, M. (Creator), Zechner, U. (Creator), Dixon, C. I. (Creator), King, S. L. (Creator), Stephens, D. N. (Creator), Dr Jerome Swinny (Creator), Belelli, D. (Creator), Lambert, J. J. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 21 Aug 2018


  4. Data availability statement for 'Electrosprayed mesoporous particles for improved aqueous solubility of a poorly water soluble anticancer agent: in vitro and ex vivo evaluation'.

    Sayed, E. (Creator), Karavasili, C. (Creator), Ruparelia, K. (Creator), Haj-Ahmad, R. (Creator), Charalambopoulou, G. (Creator), Steriotis, T. (Creator), Giasafaki, D. (Creator), Dr Paul Cox (Creator), Singh, N. (Creator), Giassafaki, L. N. (Creator), Mpenekou, A. (Creator), Markopoulou, C. K. (Creator), Vizirianakis, I. S. (Creator), Chang, M. (Creator), Fatouros, D. G. (Creator), Ahmad, Z. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 28 May 2018


  5. Data availability statement for 'Evidence that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is rapidly accumulating plastic.'

    Lebreton, L. (Creator), Slat, B. (Creator), Ferrari, F. (Creator), Sainte-Rose, B. (Creator), Aitken, J. (Creator), Marthouse, R. (Creator), Hajbane, S. (Creator), Serena Cunsolo (Creator), Schwarz, A. (Creator), Levivier, A. (Creator), Noble, K. (Creator), Debeljak, P. (Creator), Maral, H. (Creator), Schoeneich-Argent, R. (Creator), Brambini, R. (Creator), Reisser, J. (Creator), Figshare, 22 Mar 2018


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