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  1. Data availability statement for 'Constraints on the growth rate using the observed galaxy power spectrum'.

    Fonseca, J. (Creator), Viljoen, J. (Creator) & Professor Roy Maartens (Creator), IOP Publishing, 21 Nov 2019


  2. Data availability statement for 'Distinguishing the nature of comparable-mass neutron star binary systems with multimessenger observations: GW170817 case study'.

    Hinderer, T. (Creator), Nissanke, S. (Creator), Foucart, F. (Creator), Hotokezaka, K. (Creator), Vincent, T. (Creator), Kasliwal, M. (Creator), Schmidt, P. (Creator), Dr Andrew Robert Williamson (Creator), Nichols, D. A. (Creator), Duez, M. D. (Creator), Kidder, L. E. (Creator), Pfeiffer, H. P. (Creator) & Scheel, M. A. (Creator), American Physical Society, 30 Sep 2019


  3. Data availability statement for 'Quasi-isotropic cycles and non-singular bounces in a Mixmaster cosmology'.

    Ganguly, C. (Creator) & Dr Marco Bruni (Creator), American Physical Society, 12 Nov 2019


  4. Data availability statement for 'Model-independent determination of H0 and ΩK0 from strong lensing and type Ia supernovae'.

    Dr Thomas Collett (Creator), Montanari, F. (Creator) & Rasanen, S. (Creator), American Physical Society, 31 Oct 2019


  5. Data availability statement for 'Rapidly evolving transients in the Dark Energy Survey'.

    Avila Perez, S. (Creator), D'Andrea, C. (Creator), Macaulay, E. (Creator), Professor Bob Nichol (Creator) & Elizabeth Samantha Swann (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Nov 2018


  6. Data availability statement for 'A complete FFT-based decomposition formalism for the redshift-space bispectrum'.

    Sugiyama, N. S. (Creator), Saito, S. (Creator), Beutler, F. (Creator) & Hee-Jong Seo, S. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Mar 2019


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