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Remotely Piloted Aircraft System - DroneX X8-M

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The Department of Geography employs this Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) mainly for surveying. It is equipped with a Sony a6000 camera with a selection of prime lenses which can produce aerial imagery at a range of resolutions to suit the project at hand. It has been used on NERC funded research and for a Natural England report, amongst other projects.
The University is CAA approved for commercial operations and the Department of Geography have a trained and approved pilot who operates the RPAS.
    Responsible personMartin Schaefer
    Acquisition date1/06/15
    ManufacturerDrone X
    Type of addressPostal address
    BuildingRoom 2.29, Buckingham Building
    CountryUnited Kingdom

    Available for loan

    Yes -

    ID: 10543519