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Berlin as a Centre of the Yiddish World. Protagonists-Publishing Portfolios-Markets. In: Elke-Vera Kotowski (Ed.), Jiddische √úbersetzungen deutschsprachiger Literatur in der Zwischenkriegszeit (1919-1939) (Berlin 2021) 222-230.

Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

Description of impact

The article summarizes my contribution to an exhibition that was to take place in Berlin. As the exhibition was running only for a few days due to COVID-19, the organizers will bring out a booklet for those target groups who did not manage to see the exhibition, including students, school classes, tourists and people living in the close neighboorhoods.

Who is affected

School classes, students, tourists and neighbourhoods

Category of impact

  • Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)
  • Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

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