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CESI / University of Portsmouth Game Jam 2017

Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Cultural & Creative Impacts

Description of impact

High-intensity computer game making competition, set in an educational context. Entire event was conducted in English, so impact included linguistic skills, as well as game development experience for otherwise "traditional" software developers, and increased awareness of employment prospects in the UK. For UoP staff and students there was increased awareness of cultural/language issues, as well as experience of teaching abroad.

Who is affected

Approximately 250+ students, plus staff, across 14 CESI schools in France and Cameroon. 200+ non-participants also voted, so it is likely that well over 200 people not involved in the Game Jam organisation visited to play the games made during the event.


A week-long Game Jam (game-making competition) for students of CESI (France/Cameroon). Arranged by Neil Dansey in collaboration with CESI staff and funded by staff mobility via ERASMUS. Neil was also accompanied by four students from UoP who went to various centres to help with communication and local organisation. Approximately 250 students across 14 CESI schools got into teams and took part in a problem-based game development scenario simultaneously, competing for awards in a number of categories.

Category of impact

  • Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)
  • Cultural & Creative Impacts

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