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Feedback Mental Health Training and Awareness Sessions, Roberts Centre, ICS Item B.

Impact: Practitioner Impacts

Description of impact

In Feb 2018 I ran a total of three workshops with a focus on mental health support and awareness for staff at the Roberts Centre. Staff consisted of care workers, community support managers and family support managers (N=15). The workshops improved awareness and inclusive practice with a focus on mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups, specifically regarding communication and centralising the voice of vulnerable care leavers.

Who is affected

Staff at the Roberts Centre.


Following my evaluation of the Boost programme that was delivered at the Roberts Centre, it was felt (by the managers of the charity), that staff needed specific training sessions with a focus on inclusive practice and mental health support. I was asked to deliver three workshops for staff.

Category of impact

  • Practitioner Impacts

ID: 15062011