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Live TV output via course BSc TV and Broadcasting

Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts, Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Health & Welfare Impacts, Practitioner Impacts, Public Policy Impacts

Description of impact

UG course is designed to produce weekly live TV programmes that engage with UoP, the local community, and local businesses. Programmes are varied, as are audience numbers

Who is affected

The output has a wide broadcast remit, so participants can televise their views and/or information to a wide audience. The impact created from this unique curriculum centred platform is difficult to quantify due to the variety of themes and audiences involved

Category of impact

  • Cultural & Creative Impacts
  • Economic & Commercial Impacts
  • Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)
  • Health & Welfare Impacts
  • Practitioner Impacts
  • Public Policy Impacts

ID: 6691896