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Portsmouth Child Death Simulation Programme

Impact: Practitioner Impacts

Description of impact

Training front line doctors and police officers investigating child death in the community
Providing University of Portsmouth Students with realistic experience of crisis management and resuscitation (School of Healthcare) as well as forensic simulation training for ICJS students

Who is affected

Police, Doctors, Students, Families.


The proposal is to create a one day learning event for 5 senior detectives involved in unexpected child death investigation and 5 junior doctors (e.g. A&E Registrars and Paediatric Registrars) to enable them to work through a high intensity exercise together.The event will be held in the new £6m Centre for Healthcare Simulation at the University of Portsmouth. This centre is a state of the art immersive training suite and delegates will be able to not only go through the technical aspects of the early stages of the child death investigation in a simulated A&E Dept, but actually immerse themselves in the emotional side of working in that type of high pressure medico/legal situation.The key outcome for the event is 'Stress Inoculation', in the sense that we will take delegates into a safe learning environment. but one where they will actually feel how it is to work on a child death with their colleagues from either the police or medicine. By the end they will have demonstrated that they understand not only the technical process, but how it actually feels to work alongside police/doctors in a collaborative and respectful way. Pressures and fears experienced by delegates from both disciplines will be exposed and tackled, and 'mental tools' will be provided to remove anxiety and the natural feeling of vulnerability.The impact will be an improved service by front line practitioners and a benefit to the communities around Hampshire as well as enhanced practical training and experience for students at the University.

Category of impact

  • Practitioner Impacts

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