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  1. Shrimp Dance UNFIX Festival

    Professor Alex Ford (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Health & Welfare Impacts, Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

  2. Portsmouth Child Death Immersion Programme

    Dr John Fox (Participant), Dr Mick Harper (Participant)

    Impact: Practitioner Impacts

  3. Research has influenced and improved national training practices for elite football referees

    Dr Thomas Webb (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Practitioner Impacts

  4. The hidden costs of online shopping – for customers and retailers

    Professor Lisa Jack (Participant), Dr Regina Frei (Participant), Sally-Ann Caroline Krzyzaniak (Participant)

    Impact: Economic & Commercial Impacts

  5. OFSTED: Moving to elective home education from secondary school

    Dr Martin Myers (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Public Policy Impacts

  6. Cornell staff-student relationships policy

    Dr Anna Bull (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

  7. The Ivory Project

    Mrs Caroline Cox (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental Impacts

  8. Building the pipeline

    Dr Liza Howe-Walsh (Participant)

    Impact: Practitioner Impacts

  9. Global analysis of marine protected areas

    Dr Trevor John Willis (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental Impacts, Public Policy Impacts

  10. Implement new forms of citizenship

    Mr Guido Robazza (Participant)

    Impact: Societal Impacts

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