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  1. Queensland Police Testimonials

    Professor Becky Milne (Participant)

    Impact: Practitioner Impacts

  2. Policy and Regulatory Reform of Construction Procurement and embedding reforms in contemporary practice

    Walter Menteth (Participant)

    Impact: Public Policy Impacts, Cultural & Creative Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts

  3. Resilient Spatial Design Practice & Policy: in Portsmouth & the Solent Region as a regional, national & global paradigm.

    Walter Menteth (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental Impacts, Public Policy Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts, Public Discourse Impacts, Cultural & Creative Impacts

  4. Harry Potter author quotes UoP interviewing expert

    Professor Becky Milne (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts

  5. University of Portsmouth Professors referenced in UN General Assembly document

    Stephen Peter Savage (Participant) & Professor Becky Milne (Participant)

    Impact: Public Policy Impacts

  6. Messiah and Portsmouth: Then and Now

    Dr George Burrows (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Public Discourse Impacts

  7. Stina and the Wolf

    Mr Paul Charisse (Participant)

    Impact: Economic & Commercial Impacts, Practitioner Impacts

  8. The Force Re-Awakens: World Star Wars Audiences at European Celebration

    Professor Lincoln Geraghty (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts

  9. Narrative Solutions Project: Re-engaging Disengaged Students with their Education

    Dr Simon Edwards (Participant) & Shaalan Farouk (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

  10. Ancient and Modern Resounding: Monteverdi's Ulysses' Homecoming

    Dr George Burrows (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Cultural & Creative Impacts