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  1. REF2014 Impact Case Study: The Chemcatcher - an approved passive sampler for monitoring water quality

    Professor Graham Mills (Participant)

    Impact: Public Policy Impacts, Health & Welfare Impacts, Environmental Impacts

  2. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Influencing National and Regional Policies in the Fisheries of Central Asia: Promoting Legislative Change and Stocking Strategies to Enhance Growth and Tackle Poverty

    Professor Andy Thorpe (Participant) & Benjamin Drakeford (Participant)

    Impact: Economic & Commercial Impacts, Public Policy Impacts, Societal Impacts, Environmental Impacts

  3. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Improving the wellbeing of employees by assessing and enhancing quality of working life

    Dr Darren Van Laar (Participant) & Simon Andrew Easton (Participant)

    Impact: Health & Welfare Impacts, Public Policy Impacts, Societal Impacts

  4. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Game changing research

    Daniel Mcguire Pinchbeck (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts, Practitioner Impacts

  5. Biometric recognition: recording writing movements

    Dr Giles Tewkesbury (Participant), Professor David Sanders (Participant), Stephen D. Urwin-Wright (Participant), Patrick Powell (Participant) & William Powell (Participant)

    Impact: Economic & Commercial Impacts


    Professor Munir Maniruzzaman (Participant)

    Impact: Public Discourse Impacts, Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

  7. PriEsT - An Open-Source Software for Decision Support

    Sajid Siraj (Participant), Renzo C. B. Leonelli (Participant), Ludmil Mikhailov (Participant) & John Keane (Participant)

    Impact: Practitioner Impacts

  8. Media Coverage: Irish Marriage Equality Referendum, 2015

    Catherine Margaret Harper (Participant)

    Impact: Public Discourse Impacts

  9. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Research leads to the Commercial Development and Clinical Impact of a First-in-Class Anticancer Agent

    Professor Matt Guille (Participant), George Geoffrey Kneale (Participant) & David E. Thurston (Participant)

    Impact: Health & Welfare Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts

  10. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Improving public engagement with and understanding of science through a zoo-based primate research facility

    Bridget Marguerite Waller (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Other Impacts

  11. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Public engagement with evolutionary science: pterosaurs hit the big and little screen

    Professor David Martill (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Economic & Commercial Impacts

  12. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Improved mobility and quality of life for children with disabilities

    Professor David Sanders (Participant)

    Impact: Health & Welfare Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts, Practitioner Impacts

  13. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Clinical outcome modelling saves lives

    Professor Jim Briggs (Participant)

    Impact: Health & Welfare Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts

  14. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Victorian Literary Heritage: Promoting Public Engagement with Dickens and Tennyson

    Patricia Elizabeth Pulham (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts

  15. REF2014: Impact Case Study: Improving sports bra design and breast health through biomechanics research.

    Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr (Participant)

    Impact: Economic & Commercial Impacts, Health & Welfare Impacts, Societal Impacts

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