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Centre for Applied Geoscience

Organisational unit: Research Centre

  1. CRUNCH: Climate Resilient Urban Nexus Choices (CRUNCH)

    Steffen Lehmann, Dr Julia Brown, Professor Djamila Ouelhadj & Dr Alessandro Melis

    Economic and Social Research Council


    Project: Other

  2. Satellite remote sensing for detecting, mapping and monitoring artisan refining in the Niger Delat (Phase 2)

    Dr Richard Teeuw, Athanasios Argyriou & Mathias Leidig


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  3. Taking Decisions About Information Value

    Professor Ashraf Labib, Professor Lorraine Hope, Dr Salem Chakhar & Adrian James

    Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training


    Project: OtherR: Research

  4. When on Earth Did Modern Plate Tectonics Begin?

    Professor Craig Storey & Dr Mike Fowler

    Natural Environment Research Council


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  5. Zhouqu, China disaster data capturing modelling & premliminary assessment

    Dr Andy Gibson & Dr Malcolm Whitworth

    Natural Environment Research Council


    Project: ResearchR: Research

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