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Centre for Comparative & Evolutionary Psychology

Organisational unit: Research Centre

  1. Dataset: 'Working Equid Welfare Mexico Data'

    Emily Charlotte Haddy (Creator), Burden, F. (Contributor), Prado-Ortiz, O. (Contributor), Zappi, H. (Contributor), Raw, Z. (Contributor) & Dr Leanne Proops (Contributor), University of Portsmouth, 2019


  2. Supplementary data for 'Absolute brain size predicts dog breed differences in executive function'.

    Horschler, D. J. (Creator), Hare, B. (Creator), Call, J. (Creator), Dr Juliane Kaminski (Creator), Miklósi, Á. (Creator) & Maclean, E. L. (Creator), Springer Nature, 3 Jan 2019


  3. Supplementary data for 'Taurine modulates acute ethanol-induced social behavioral deficits and fear responses in adult zebrafish'.

    Fontana, B. D. (Creator), Stefanello, F. V. (Creator), Mezzomo, N. J. (Creator), Müller, T. E. (Creator), Quadros, V. A. (Creator), Dr Matt Parker (Creator), Rico, E. P. (Creator) & Rosemberg, D. B. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 3 Aug 2018


  4. Supplementary material for 'Shelter seeking behaviour of donkeys and horses in a temperate climate'.

    Dr Leanne Proops (Creator), Osthaus, B. (Creator), Bell, N. (Creator), Long, S. (Creator), Hayday, K. (Creator) & Burden, F. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 29 Mar 2019


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