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Centre for Interaction, Development and Diversity

Organisational unit: Research Centre

  1. Prediction, prospection and perceptual-motor control

    Dr Matt Dicks & Nicolas Benguigui


    Project: Research

  2. EASE: Early semantic development: Linking language development to emerging participation in social events (EASE)

    Katharina Rohlfing, Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi & Dr Iris Nomikou


    Project: Research

  3. Emotional Openness: The route to intellectual humility?

    Vasu Reddy

    John Templeton Foundation


    Project: Research

  4. Hampshire Creative Arts project for people with Dementia

    Dr Julie Udell, Derek Ward & Kellyn Weir

    Alzheimer's Society


    Project: Research

  5. Growing Learners

    Professor Sherria Hoskins, Victoria Devonshire, Mathilde Chanvin, Emily Mason-Apps & Frances Warren


    Project: Innovation

ID: 8539