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School of Mathematics and Physics

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  1. Robot could become the 'weapon' of choice for detecting and treating prostate cancer

    Professor Ashraf Labib & Professor Dylan Jones


    1 item of media coverage, 1 media contribution

    Press/Media: Research

  2. Eurovision winners

    Professor Andrew Osbaldestin


    1 media contribution

    Press/Media: Expert Comment

  3. Language patterns could be predicted by simple laws of physics

    Dr James Burridge


    3 items of media coverage

    Press/Media: Research

  4. Electricity users shoulder €400m burden of renewables scheme

    William Lee


    2 media contributions

    Press/Media: Expert Comment

  5. Maths used to make the perfect cup of coffee

    William Lee


    10 items of media coverage

    Press/Media: Research

  6. Short memory can be good strategy during competition

    Dr James Burridge


    1 item of media coverage

    Press/Media: Research

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