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Department of Psychology

Organisational unit: Department

  1. Fete de la Science 2019 (Paris)

    Dr Erik Gustafsson (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

  2. CREST Timeline Technique Guide

    Professor Lorraine Hope (Participant)

    Impact: Practitioner Impacts

  3. Reducing skills fade via self evaluation of specialist interview skills

    Dr Lucy Akehurst (Participant)

    Impact: Practitioner Impacts, Societal Impacts

  4. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Improving public engagement with and understanding of science through a zoo-based primate research facility

    Bridget Marguerite Waller (Participant)

    Impact: Educational Impacts (beyond UoP), Other Impacts

  5. REF2014 Impact Case Study: Improving the wellbeing of employees by assessing and enhancing quality of working life

    Dr Darren Van Laar (Participant) & Simon Andrew Easton (Participant)

    Impact: Health & Welfare Impacts, Public Policy Impacts, Societal Impacts

ID: 8388