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Research at Faculty of Business and Law is flourishing, as is the strength and breadth of the research collaborations the faculty is engaged in. We undertake wide ranging research in all the major business disciplines: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Law, and Marketing.

2016 saw the Faculty of Business and Law continue to build on our research successes of recent years. I was particularly delighted that, the uncertainties of Brexit notwithstanding, we captured two important EU grants, Gianpiero Torrisi is playing a central role in the PERCEIVE project which seeks to analyse differences in regional cohesion in Europe, while Pierre Failler is part of the FARFISH project examining overfishing across the globe. Meanwhile Ansgar Wohlschegel picked up a British Academy grant to examine investments in litigation and the Appeals system, and Adam Cox leads a team assessing the consequences of separation (in this case the presence of the waters of the Solent) on public service delivery.

Our lawyers have been developing their international profile apace. Rachel Spearing has received funding from the New South Wales Bar Council to extend her research on UK work with the Bar Council on Wellbeing to the other side of the world. Panos Kapotas leads in developing our collaboration with Scholars at Risk, while finding time to initiate a new partnership with the European University Institute in Florence on European Consensus. Caroline Cox meanwhile is becoming the 'go-to' person on matters relating to the international ivory trade.

Our growing international standing complements our reputation for organisational excellence, and makes Portsmouth an attractive conference location. In 2016 we hosted the 58th Conference of the Operational Research Society and the Portsmouth Fordham Conference on Banking and Finance. In 2017 we look forward to welcoming the Association of Law Teachers (April), PROMETHEE (May), the European Microfinance Platform (June), and the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA) (June) for their conferences.

The success of the Faculty of Business and Law has seen the University commit to funding staff growth across all our subject areas. We have therefore been able to appoint a clutch of promising early career researchers (too many to detail here!) and a number of new Professors. Professors Karen Johnston, Nick Rumens, Khaled Hussainey and David Pickernell joined our ranks in 2016, and they will be joined in early 2017 by Martina Battisti (from Massey, NZ) and Deiego Vasquez Brust (Royal Holloway), while Giampaolo Viglia joins us as a Reader. In addition Mark Xu, Head of the OSM subject group, was granted a Chair in Information Systems and Renatas Kizys was made a Reader in Finance in April 2016.

That's just a flavour of research and the vibrant research environment we have here at Portsmouth. There is just so much going on!!

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