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  1. Valuation of the Ecosystem Services of one of the Major Marine Reserves in Africa

    Dr Pierre Failler

    Agence Française de Dévelopment: £124,469.23


    Award date: 18/12/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  2. Recruitment review Emergency Services

    Dr Liza Howe-Walsh


    Award date: 1/06/17

    Funding: I: Consultancy and ServicesAward

  3. KTP - Bounce 2

    Dr Chris Simms, Professor Paul Trott, Dr Sercan Ozcan, Dr Adrian Benfell, Atanassova, I., Dr Hom Dhakal & Mr Kevin Curtis

    Bounce Foods Ltd: £96,806.00


    Award date: 9/05/17

    Funding: R: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)Award

  4. Stewardship and Trust Initiative

    Professor Lisa Jack

    Chartered Institute of Management Accountants: £5,200.00


    Award date: 3/05/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  5. Chichester District Council Strategy Away Day

    Professor James McCalman


    Award date: 24/04/17

    Funding: I: Consultancy and ServicesAward

  6. 5th Microfinance Conference

    Mr Michael O'Connor, Dr Alan Tait, Afonso, J., Afonso, J. & Afonso, J.


    Award date: 18/04/17

    Funding: I: MiscellaneousAward

  7. Valuation of ecosystem services of Gabon Marine protected areas

    Dr Pierre Failler


    Award date: 5/04/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  8. The impact of agency on misreporting in in an economic laboratory experiment

    Dr Wolfgang Luhan, Fuellbrunn, S. & Dijk, O.

    British Academy: £9,520.00


    Award date: 5/04/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  9. Taking Decisions About Information Value

    Professor Ashraf Labib, Professor Lorraine Hope, Dr Salem Chakhar & James, A.

    Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training: £99,898.00


    Award date: 16/03/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward


    Dr Pierre Failler, Mr Ben Drakeford & Professor Andy Thorpe

    European Commission: £156,034.00


    Award date: 7/03/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  11. Promthee Workshop

    Professor Alessio Ishizaka

    Online Store


    Award date: 17/01/17

    Funding: I: MiscellaneousAward

  12. Storytelling Conference

    Dr Hamid Foroughi


    Award date: 9/01/17

    Funding: I: MiscellaneousAward

  13. Educational Study tour - Russian Presidential Tour

    Mr Michael O'Connor & Mr Michael Buchan


    Award date: 11/11/16

    Funding: I: Non-credit bearing courseAward

  14. Impact on Physical Separation from the UK mainland on Isle of Wight Public Service Delivery

    Dr Adam Cox, Dr Ansgar Wohlschlegel & Mr Alan Leonard

    Isle of Wight Council: £39,750.00


    Award date: 2/11/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  15. Economic Impact of the regeneration of Priddy's Hard

    Dr Adam Cox & Mr Alan Leonard

    Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust: £9,977.00


    Award date: 18/10/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  16. Fareham Resident Engagement Group

    Mr David Ward

    Fareham Borough Council: £4,700.00


    Award date: 27/09/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

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