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Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries

Organisational unit: Faculty

  1. Artist's Studio. The Coach House, Peacock Lane, Old Portsmouth PO1 2PA

    Mr Francis Graves, Aaron Noke, Angela Davey & Phil Illingworth


    Project: Research

  2. 4D Sensing System for home-based facial palsy therapy

    Professor Hui Yu

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


    Project: OtherR: Research

  3. A Self Learning and Autonomonous Smart Sensor Network for Intelligent Video Analytics for Behavioural Profiling

    Professor David Brown

    Innovate UK


    Project: ResearchR: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

  4. AFP: Autonomous Film Production

    Dan Mulligan

    4/07/16 → …

    Project: ResearchR: Research

  5. Being Human 2016 - Hope & Fear

    Dr Christine Berberich, Patricia Pulham, Dr Karl Bell & Dr Alison Habens

    Being Human: A festival of the humanities


    Project: OtherI: Miscellaneous

  6. CHISEL HAPPY (Previous Title: Sibabati - We Are Carpenters)

    Ms Jenn Feray

    6/08/13 → …

    Project: ResearchR: Research

  7. Channel 4 Televsion and British Film Culture

    Professor Justin Smith & Paul McDonald

    Arts and Humanities Research Council


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  8. CRUNCH: Climate Resilient Urban Nexus Choices (CRUNCH)

    Steffen Lehmann, Dr Julia Brown, Professor Djamila Ouelhadj & Dr Alessandro Melis

    Economic and Social Research Council


    Project: Other

  9. Co-Production of Temporary Interventions in Public Space as a Tool for Placemaking

    Mr Guido Robazza, Dr Charles Leddy-Owen & Dr Matt Smith

    1/02/15 → …

    Project: ResearchR: Research, I: Collaborative Programmes, I: Regeneration

  10. DREAM

    Professor Honghai Liu, Dr Zhaojie Ju & Professor Hui Yu

    European Commission


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  11. Data Analysis

    Professor David Brown


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  12. Discovering Digital Me

    Miss Carolyn Watt, Gillian Youngs & Panayiota Tsatsou


    Project: Research

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