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  1. Data availability for statement for 'Bifurcations of self-similar solutions for reversing interfaces in the slow diffusion equation with strong absorption'.

    Dr Jamie Foster (Creator), Gysbers, P. (Creator), King, J. R. (Creator) & Pelinovsky, D. E. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 12 Jul 2018


  2. Data availability statement and supporting material for 'Effect of machining parameters and cutting tool coating on hole quality in dry drilling of fibre metal laminates'.

    Dr Khaled Giasin (Creator), Gorey, G. (Creator), Byrne, C. (Creator), Sinke, J. (Creator) & Brousseau, E. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 15 Mar 2019


  3. Data availability statement for '2-OGC: Open Gravitational-wave Catalog of binary mergers from analysis of public Advanced LIGO and Virgo data'.

    Nitz, A. H. (Creator), Dent, T. (Creator), Davies, G. S. (Creator), Kumar, S. (Creator), Capano, C. D. (Creator), Dr Ian Harry (Creator), Simone Mozzon (Creator), Dr Laura Nuttall (Creator), Dr Andrew Lundgren (Creator) & Tápai, M. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 12 Mar 2020


  4. Data availability statement for 'A PCA-based approach for subtracting thermal background emission in high-contrast imaging data'.

    Hunziker, S. (Creator), Quanz, S. P. (Creator), Professor Adam Amara (Creator) & Meyer, M. R. (Creator), EDP Sciences, 16 Mar 2018


  5. Data availability statement for 'A Zeldovich reconstruction method for measuring redshift space distortions using cosmic voids'.

    Dr Seshadri Nadathur (Creator), Carter, P. M. (Creator) & Percival, W. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 16 Oct 2018


  6. Data availability statement for 'A comparison of the quick Sequential (Sepsis-Related) Organ Failure Assessment Score and the National Early Warning Score in non-ICU patients with/without infection'.

    Redfern, O. C. (Creator), Smith, G. B. (Creator), Professor David Prytherch (Creator), Meredith, P. (Creator), Inada-Kim, M. (Creator) & Schmidt, P. E. (Creator), Wolters Kluwer, 20 Aug 2018


  7. Data availability statement for 'A complete FFT-based decomposition formalism for the redshift-space bispectrum'.

    Sugiyama, N. S. (Creator), Saito, S. (Creator), Beutler, F. (Creator) & Hee-Jong Seo, S. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Mar 2019


  8. Data availability statement for 'A detection of CMB-cluster lensing using polarization data from SPTpol'.

    Avila Perez, S. (Creator) & Dr David Bacon (Creator), American Physical Society, 31 Oct 2019


  9. Data availability statement for 'A direct test of density wave theory in grand-design spiral galaxies'.

    Peterken, T. (Creator), Merrifield, M. R. (Creator), Aragon-Salamanca, A. (Creator), Drory, N. (Creator), Dr Coleman Krawczyk (Creator), Masters, K. (Creator), Weijmans, A. (Creator) & Westfall, K. (Creator), Springer Nature, 21 Sep 2018


  10. Data availability statement for 'A larger value for H0 by an evolving gravitational constant'.

    Braglia, M. (Creator), Ballardini, M. (Creator), Emond, W. T. (Creator), Finelli, F. (Creator), Dr Ahmet Emir Gumrukcuoglu (Creator), Professor Kazuya Koyama (Creator) & Paoletti, D. (Creator), American Physical Society, 17 Jun 2020


  11. Data availability statement for 'A map-based method for eliminating systematic modes from galaxy clustering power spectra with application to BOSS'.

    Kalus, B. (Creator), Percival, W. (Creator), Dr David Bacon (Creator), Mueller, E. (Creator), Dr Lado Samushia (Creator), Verde, L. (Creator), Dr Ashley Jacob Ross (Creator) & Bernal, J. L. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 1 Oct 2018


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