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Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

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  1. Healing Trauma

    Ms Madeline Petrillo


    Award date: 23/01/18

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  2. Swarm Intelligence: Insects, Humans and Information on the Move

    Dr Katherine Brown

    Arts and Humanities Research Council: £12,257.00


    Award date: 11/10/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  3. Taking Decisions About Information Value

    Professor Ashraf Labib, Professor Lorraine Hope, Dr Salem Chakhar & James, A.

    Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training: £99,898.00


    Award date: 16/03/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  4. Protecting Vulnerable Persons and Reducing Demand Using Assistive Technology

    Dr Karen Shalev Greene & Mr Craig John Robert Collie

    West Yorkshire Police: £1,650.00, Hertfordshire Constabulary: £1,650.00


    Award date: 15/03/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  5. The War of the Locust: Science, Politics, Culture & Collaboration in the Anti-locust Research Centre 1940-1945

    Dr Katherine Brown

    Arts and Humanities Research Council: £10,102.00


    Award date: 28/10/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  6. Scoping Research on the Impact of missing children publicity appeals

    Dr Karen Shalev Greene

    Missing Children Europe: £3,300.00


    Award date: 2/09/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  7. Children, Communication and Criminal Justice

    Professor Becky Milne

    Economic and Social Research Council: £6,259.00


    Award date: 12/05/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  8. Establishment of a Cyber-Enabled Fraud Isomorphic Learning Centre

    Professor Mark Button

    City of London Police: £15,653.00


    Award date: 1/04/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  9. Data Release - Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security

    Dr Victoria Wang & Professor Mark Button

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: £299,355.00


    Award date: 23/03/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  10. PCC Victim Care Unit Interim Evaluation

    Dr Jacki Tapley

    Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall: £11,750.00


    Award date: 14/03/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  11. CREST: Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats

    Professor Aldert Vrij, Professor Lorraine Hope, Professor Becky Milne, Dr Sharon Leal & Dr Sam Mann

    Economic and Social Research Council: £462,392.00


    Award date: 10/02/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  12. VOIP

    Dr Andy Williams

    Police and Crime Commissioner: £5,600.00


    Award date: 30/10/15

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  13. Promoting justice: Professionalising frontline policing with an evidence-based Structured Interview Protocol

    Professor Lorraine Hope, Professor Becky Milne & Mr Tom Ellis

    Economic and Social Research Council: £18,253.00


    Award date: 19/10/15

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  14. The Fraud 'Justice Systems': a scoping study on the civil, regulatory and private paths to 'justice' for fraudsters

    Professor Mark Button

    Nuffield Foundation: £21,342.00


    Award date: 13/08/15

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  15. Evaluation of the force wide rollout of Body Worn Videos (BVW) cameras

    Mr Tom Ellis & Dr Paul Smith

    Hampshire Constabulary: £40,000.00


    Award date: 9/07/15

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  16. Forensic Entomology

    Dr Katherine Brown

    British Entomological and Natural History Society: £500.00


    Award date: 11/03/15

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  17. Research Seminars Competition 2012 Grant

    Dr Karen Shalev Greene

    British Psychological Society: £2,178.00


    Award date: 11/03/15

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  18. SUMMIT - European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children

    Dr Karen Shalev Greene

    Missing Children Europe: £7,071.00


    Award date: 9/12/14

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  19. Minimising violence through quality control: Monitoring and evaluating 116000 hotlines to protect children who disappear

    Dr Karen Shalev Greene

    Missing Children Europe: £9,102.00


    Award date: 15/09/14

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

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