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Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Organisational unit: Institute

  1. CGE Local Economy Model

    Dr Adam Cox, Mr Alan Leonard, Mr Paul Lovejoy, Dr Gianpiero Torrisi, Dr Richard Kapend, Mr Pavlin Antonov Shipkov & Achim Hauck


    Project: ResearchR: Research, I: Consultancy and Services

  2. Data Release - Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security

    Dr Victoria Wang & Professor Mark Button

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


    Project: OtherR: Research

  3. Dorset Police Firearms Evidence and Environmental Contamination

    Mrs Claire Rhodes, Dr Paul Smith, Rachel Armitage, Paul Cooper & Kal Channa


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  4. Forensic Futures: Using 3D scanning and printing to achieve justice

    Dr Katherine Brown, Dr Paul Smith & Professor Francis Pakes


    Project: ResearchR: Research, R: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

  5. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Partnership

    Mrs Claire Rhodes

    1/09/14 → …

    Project: InnovationI: Collaborative Programmes

  6. Making the best use of video identification parades and meeting the needs of vulnerable witnesses

    Amina Memon, Professor Becky Milne & Daniel Brooks Wright

    Economic and Social Research Council


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  7. Promoting justice: Professionalising frontline policing with an evidence-based Structured Interview Protocol

    Fiona Gabbert, Professor Lorraine Hope, Professor Becky Milne, Mr Tom Ellis & David La Rooy

    Economic and Social Research Council


    Project: ResearchR: Research

  8. Scoping Research on the Impact of missing children publicity appeals

    Dr Karen Shalev Greene

    Missing Children Europe


    Project: OtherR: Research

  9. Taking Decisions About Information Value

    Professor Ashraf Labib, Professor Lorraine Hope, Dr Salem Chakhar & Adrian James

    Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training


    Project: OtherR: Research

  10. The annual Cyber Security Breaches Survey (HM Government) (2015-2019)

    Dr Victoria Wang & Professor Mark Button


    Project: ResearchI: Collaborative Programmes

  11. What Works in Criminal Intelligence

    Adrian James

    College of Policing


    Project: Research

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