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Operations & Systems Management

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Research in the Operations and Systems Management subject group contributed significantly to the RAE and REF. Most research outputs are consistently at international level. Operations and Systems Management staff are actively undertaking research projects that have created impact on industry and society at both national and global level.

The Operations and Systems Management subject group consists of three research teams – Operations Research (OR) team, Organisational Excellence (OE) Research team and Business Information Systems Research (BIS) team.

The OR team comprises leading professors, readers, research fellows and several PhDs in the field. Current research focuses on developing and applying analytical methods to support companies and organisations to make better decisions. Our OR expertise encompasses techniques from soft OR for problem structuring to mathematical modelling to solve complex situations. Some examples of funded research include: development of decision support systems for transports, resources scheduling, space allocation, facility location, strategy selection and risk assessment.

The OE team research into organisational excellence, quality and project management approaches for continuous improvement of strategies and performances. Our OE expertise encompasses change management, project management, performance evaluation, lean and the many aspects of total quality management and excellence. Some examples of funded research are KTP projects related to business performance measurement, lean implementation, and risk management of renewable energy. In addition, members of the team have a strong interest in pedagogy and in particular, the learning experience of postgraduate distance learning students and the development of e-learning.

Research in the BIS team concentrates on developing and applying emerging information technologies and systems to improve business practice. Our expertise encompasses ICT application in organisations (including SMEs), system analysis and development using contemporary approaches and modelling tools, business analytics and business intelligence, ERP, CRM systems, e-Business and logistics, m-Commerce, IT services and infrastructure, IT outsourcing and soft system methodologies. Examples of current research and KTPs include: developing an electronic messaging system for the NHS, intelligent business information scanning and processing for the Marine industry, and group-buying behaviour using smart devices for retailers.

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