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School of Area Studies, History, Politics & Literature

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  1. Future Challenges to Deterrence

    Dr Patricia Shamai (Participant)

    Impact: Public Policy Impacts

  2. Milton's Cottage: Gardens and Retreat

    Dr Rosamund Paice (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental Impacts, Cultural & Creative Impacts, Health & Welfare Impacts, Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

  3. Resilience and porosity of city borders

    Sandra Jovchelovitch (Participant) & Dr Jacqueline Priego-Hernandez (Participant)


  4. European Coalition for Vision (ECV)

    Karen Heard-Laureote (Participant)


  5. Teaching Young People European Studies

    Karen Heard-Laureote (Participant)


  6. Commemorating WW1

    Jessica Moody (Participant)


  7. Cultures of Commemoration

    Dr Christine Berberich (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Educational Impacts (beyond UoP)

  8. Mapping Sailortown

    Dr Karl Bell (Participant), Professor Bradley Beaven (Participant) & Dr Robert James (Participant)


  9. Mapping Sailortown

    Professor Bradley Beaven (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts

  10. Inspiring Creativity: Julia Margaret Cameron and the Literary Muse

    Dr Charlotte Boyce (Participant) & Patricia Elizabeth Pulham (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts

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