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  1. Audit of Publications Resulting From HR Approved Research Database

    Dr Simon Kolstoe

    Health Research Authority: £10,000.00


    Award date: 22/12/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  2. Devices for Dignity Healthcare Technologies Cooperative

    Dr John Young, Professor Anastasia Callaghan, Miss Louise Butt & Dr Sepinoud Firouzmand

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: £31,855.00


    Award date: 28/11/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  3. Filling the Trophic Gaps in the Dynamics of Obligate Predator Prey Relationships

    Dr Trevor John Willis

    British Ecological Society: £5,000.00


    Award date: 10/11/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  4. Using UV to Control Damaging Microbial Growth at Historically Important Sites (Support for Mres Student)

    Dr Joy Watts

    Historic England: £10,000.00


    Award date: 15/09/17

    Funding: R: StudentshipAward

  5. Evaluation by Lab and Field Experimentation of Novel Non-Biocidal Wood Protection Methods for use in the Marine Environment

    Professor Simon Cragg

    The Research Council of Norway: £36,000.00


    Award date: 9/06/17

    Funding: R: StudentshipAward

  6. IMS Pontoon "Tidal Bin" demonstrator project

    Dr Paul Farrell & Dr Elizabeth Clutton

    Sea-Changers: £350.00


    Award date: 9/06/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  7. Solent Oyster Restoration Project

    Helmer, L. & Dr Joanne Preston

    Blue Marine Foundation: £997.00


    Award date: 5/06/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  8. Investigation of hypoxia in the embryonic chicken brain

    Dr Frank Schubert

    Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland: £1,500.00


    Award date: 12/05/17

    Funding: R: StudentshipAward

  9. Solent Oyster Regeneration Project

    Dr Joanne Preston

    Solent Forum: £996.00


    Award date: 4/05/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  10. Genetic cataloging of skeletal remains from the Mary Rise warship

    Dr Garry Scarlett

    The Pilgrims Trust: £5,000.00


    Award date: 6/03/17

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  11. Metabolomic profiling and biomarker development in radiation exposed crustaceans

    Professor Alex Ford & Professor Jim Smith

    Natural Environment Research Council: £33,100.00

    Award date: 30/11/16

    Funding: R: In Kind FacilitiesAward

  12. Laboratory identification of sources of C,N and S for marine wood boring invertibrates

    Professor Simon Cragg

    Natural Environment Research Council

    Award date: 30/11/16

    Funding: R: In Kind FacilitiesAward

  13. The efficacy of suspended broodstock cages as a regeneration strategy for the European flat oyster, 1758: a case study in the solent UK

    Dr Joanne Preston

    Blue Marine Foundation: £34,873.00


    Award date: 5/10/16

    Funding: R: StudentshipAward

  14. Distribution of Male Xenopus

    Professor Matt Guille & Dr Colin Sharpe

    National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction of Animals in Research: £106,760.00


    Award date: 20/07/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  15. Will Coralline algae reef mitigate climate change effects on associated fauna?

    Dr Federica Ragazzola

    The Royal Society: £11,992.00


    Award date: 6/07/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  16. 15NSFBIO - Synthetic Biology for Lignin Utilisation

    Professor John McGeehan

    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council: £401,068.00


    Award date: 28/06/16

    Funding: R: ResearchAward

  17. Students and Graduates into Work Grant

    Dr Joy Watts

    Society for Applied Microbiology: £2,100.00


    Award date: 3/06/16

    Funding: R: StudentshipAward

  18. Developing Biomarkers for sewage effluent exposure in the amphipod

    Professor Alex Ford

    Oekotoxzentrum Centre Ecotox: £36,783.00


    Award date: 30/05/16

    Funding: R: StudentshipAward

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