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  1. Data availability statement for 'A promiscuous cytochrome P450 aromatic O-demethylase for lignin bioconversion'.

    Sam Mallinson (Creator), Machovina, M. M. (Creator), Silveira, R. L. (Creator), Garcia-Borràs, M. (Creator), Gallup, N. (Creator), Johnson, C. W. (Creator), Dr Mark Devin Allen (Creator), Skaf, M. S. (Creator), Crowley, M. F. (Creator), Neidle, E. L. (Creator), Houk, K. N. (Creator), Beckham, G. T. (Creator), DuBois, J. L. (Creator), Professor John McGeehan (Creator), Springer Nature, 4 Jul 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Analysis of the natively unstructured RNA/protein-recognition core in the Escherichia coli RNA degradosome and its interactions with regulatory RNA/Hfq complexes'.

    Dr Heather Bruce (Creator), Du, D. (Creator), Matak-Vinkovic, D. (Creator), Bandyra, K. J. (Creator), Broadhurst, R. W. (Creator), Martin, E. (Creator), Sobott, F. (Creator), Shkumatov, A. V. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 9 Jan 2018


  3. Data availability statement for 'Baddeleyite as a widespread and sensitive indicator of meteorite bombardment in planetary crusts'.

    White, L. F. (Creator), Dr James Darling (Creator), Moser, D. E. (Creator), Cayron, C. (Creator), Barker, I. R. (Creator), Dunlop, J. N. (Creator), Tait, K. T. (Creator), Geological Society of America, 12 Jul 2018


  4. Data availability statement for 'Beyond buzz-pollination – departures from an adaptive plateau lead to new pollination syndromes'.

    Dellinger, A. (Creator), Chartier, M. (Creator), Fernández-Fernández, D. (Creator), Penneys, D. S. (Creator), Alvear, M. (Creator), Almeda, F. (Creator), Michelangeli, F. A. (Creator), Staedler, Y. (Creator), Professor Scott Armbruster (Creator), Schonenberger, J. (Creator), John Wiley & Sons, 7 Aug 2018


  5. Data availability statement for 'Characterization and engineering of a plastic-degrading aromatic polyesterase.'

    Austin, H. P. (Creator), Dr Mark Devin Allen (Creator), Donohoe, B. S. (Creator), Rorrer, N. A. (Creator), Kearns, F. L. (Creator), Silveira, R. L. (Creator), Pollard, B. C. (Creator), Dominick, G. (Creator), Duman, R. (Creator), Omari, K. E. (Creator), Mykhaylyk, V. (Creator), Wagner, A. (Creator), Michener, W. E. (Creator), Amore, A. (Creator), Skaf, M. S. (Creator), Crowley, M. F. (Creator), Dr Alan Thorne (Creator), Johnson, C. W. (Creator), Woodcock, H. L. (Creator), Professor John McGeehan (Creator), Beckham, G. T. (Creator), Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 17 Apr 2018


  6. Data availability statement for 'Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of lignocellulose digestion in shipworms'.

    Sabbadin, F. (Creator), Pesante, G. (Creator), Elias, L. (Creator), Besser, K. (Creator), Li, Y. (Creator), Steele-King, C. (Creator), Stark, M. (Creator), Rathbone, D. (Creator), Dowle, A. (Creator), Bates, R. (Creator), Shipway, J. R. (Creator), Professor Simon Cragg (Creator), Bruce, N. C. (Creator), McQueen-Mason, S. J. (Creator), Springer Nature, 7 Mar 2018


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