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  1. Data availability statement for 'Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of lignocellulose digestion in shipworms'.

    Sabbadin, F. (Creator), Pesante, G. (Creator), Elias, L. (Creator), Besser, K. (Creator), Li, Y. (Creator), Steele-King, C. (Creator), Stark, M. (Creator), Rathbone, D. (Creator), Dowle, A. (Creator), Bates, R. (Creator), Shipway, J. R. (Creator), Professor Simon Cragg (Creator), Bruce, N. C. (Creator), McQueen-Mason, S. J. (Creator), Springer Nature, 7 Mar 2018


  2. Supplemental information for 'Towards sustainable environmental quality: priority research questions for Europe'.

    Van den Brink, P. J. (Creator), Boxall, A. B. A. (Creator), Maltby, L. (Creator), Brooks, B. W. (Creator), Rudd, M. A. (Creator), Backhaus, T. (Creator), Spurgeon, D. (Creator), Verougstraete, V. (Creator), Ajao, C. (Creator), Ankley, G. T. (Creator), Apitz, S. E. (Creator), Arnold, K. (Creator), Brodin, T. (Creator), Canedo-Arguelles, M. (Creator), Chapman, J. (Creator), Corrales, J. (Creator), Coutellec, M. (Creator), Fernandes, T. F. (Creator), Fick, J. (Creator), Professor Alex Ford (Creator), Papiol, G. G. (Creator), Groh, K. J. (Creator), Hutchinson, T. H. (Creator), Kruger, H. (Creator), Kukkonen, J. V. K. (Creator), Loutset, S. (Creator), Marshall, S. (Creator), Muir, D. (Creator), Ortiz-Santaliestra, M. E. (Creator), Paul, K. B. (Creator), Rico, A. (Creator), Rodea-Palomares, I. (Creator), Rombke, J. (Creator), Rydberg, T. (Creator), Segner, H. (Creator), Smit, M. (Creator), van Gestel, C. A. M. (Creator), Vighi, M. (Creator), Werner, I. (Creator), Zimmer, E. I. (Creator), van Wensem, J. (Creator), Wiley, 19 Jul 2018


  3. Supplemental material for 'Statistical optimization for lipase production from solid waste of vegetable oil industry'.

    Sahoo, R. K. (Creator), Kumar, M. (Creator), Mohanty, S. (Creator), Sawyer, M. (Creator), Dr Pattanathu Rahman (Creator), Sukla, L. B. (Creator), Subudhi, E. (Creator), Taylor & Francis, 30 Mar 2018


  4. Supplementary data for 'Evidence for a late Cambrian juvenile arc and a buried suture within the Laurentian Caledonides of Scotland: comparisons with hyperextended Iapetan margins in the Appalachian Mountains (North America) and Norway'.

    Dunk, M. (Creator), Professor Rob Strachan (Creator), Cutts, K. A. (Creator), Dr Stephanie Lasalle (Creator), Professor Craig Storey (Creator), Burns, I. M. (Creator), Whitehouse, M. J. (Creator), Dr Mike Fowler (Creator), Moreira, H. S. (Creator), Mr Joseph Nicholas Dunlop (Creator), Pereira, I. F. G. M. (Creator), Geoscience Publications, 6 Jun 2019


  5. Supplementary data for 'Fitness costs of delayed pollination in a mixed-mating plant'.

    Hildesheim, L. (Creator), Opedal, Ø. H. (Creator), Professor Scott Armbruster (Creator), Pélabon, C. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 23 Aug 2019


  6. Supplementary information for 'Characterization of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria isolated from Indian crude oil reservoir and their influence on biocorrosion of carbon steel API 5LX'.

    Parthipan, P. (Creator), Elumalai, P. (Creator), Ting, Y. P. (Creator), Dr Pattanathu Rahman (Creator), Rajasekar, A. (Creator), Elsevier BV, 1 Apr 2018


  7. Supporting Information for 'Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics simulations show saccharide distortion is required for reaction in hen egg-white lysozyme'.

    Limb, M. A. L. (Creator), Suardiaz Del Rio, R. (Creator), Grant, I. M. (Creator), Mulholland, A. J. (Creator), Wiley Online Library, 14 Jan 2019


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