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  1. Data availability statement for 'Awareness and understanding of dementia in South Asians: a synthesis of qualitative evidence'.

    Hossain, M. S. (Creator), Dr John Crossland (Creator), Dr Rebecca Stores (Creator), Dewey, A. (Creator), Hakak, Y. (Creator), SAGE Publications Inc., 8 Oct 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'The contribution of internet use in personal networks of support for long-term condition self-management'.

    Allen, C. E. (Creator), Vassilev , I. (Creator), Lin, S. X. (Creator), Culliford, D. (Creator), Rogers, A. (Creator), SAGE Publications Ltd, 28 Feb 2018


  3. Metadata for 'Minimally invasive colorectal surgery in the morbid obese: does size really matter?'.

    Dr Mick Harper (Creator), Sofoklis Panteleimonitis (Creator), Parvaiz, A. (Creator), Dr Ngianga Ii Kandala (Creator), Figueiredo, N. (Creator), Qureshi, T. (Creator), Popeskou, S. (Creator), Springer, 23 Jan 2018


  4. Supporting material statement for 'UK guidelines on oesophageal dilatation in clinical practice'.

    Sami, S. S. (Creator), Haboubi, H. N. (Creator), Ang, Y. (Creator), Boger, P. (Creator), Mr Pradeep Bhandari (Creator), De Caestecker, J. (Creator), Griffiths, H. (Creator), Haidry, R. (Creator), Laasch, H. (Creator), Patel, P. (Creator), Paterson, S. (Creator), Ragunath, K. (Creator), Watson, P. J. (Creator), Siersema, P. D. (Creator), Attwood, S. E. (Creator), BMJ Publishing Group, 1 Jun 2018


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