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  1. Data availability for statement for 'Bifurcations of self-similar solutions for reversing interfaces in the slow diffusion equation with strong absorption'.

    Dr Jamie Foster (Creator), Gysbers, P. (Creator), King, J. R. (Creator), Pelinovsky, D. E. (Creator), IOP Publishing, 12 Jul 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Binder migration during drying of lithium-ion battery electrodes: modelling and comparison to experiment'.

    Font, F. (Creator), Protas, B. (Creator), Richardson, G. (Creator), Dr Jamie Foster (Creator), Elsevier BV, 30 Apr 2018


  3. Data availability statement for 'Faint satellite population of the NGC-3175 Group – a Local Group analogue'.

    Kondapally, R. (Creator), Russell, G. A. (Creator), Conselice, C. J. (Creator), Dr Samantha Penny (Creator), Oxford University Press, 25 Aug 2018


  4. Data availability statement for 'The WAGGS project - II. The reliability of the calcium triplet as a metallicity indicator in integrated stellar light'.

    Usher, C. (Creator), Beckwith, T. (Creator), Bellstedt, S. (Creator), Alabi, A. (Creator), Chevalier, L. (Creator), Pastorello, N. (Creator), Cerulo, P. (Creator), Dalgleish, H. S. (Creator), Fraser-McKelvie, A. (Creator), Kamann, S. (Creator), Dr Samantha Penny (Creator), Foster, C. (Creator), McDermid, R. M. (Creator), Schiavon, R. P. (Creator), Villaume, A. (Creator), Oxford University Press, 26 Sep 2018


  5. Data availability statement for 'Tunneling in stochastic inflation'.

    Noorbala, M. (Creator), Vennin, V. (Creator), Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi (Creator), Firouzjahi, H. (Creator), Professor David Wands (Creator), IOP Publishing, 21 Sep 2018


  6. Supplemental material for 'Experimental time-resolved interference with multiple photons of different colors'.

    Wang, X. (Creator), Jing, B. (Creator), Sun, P. (Creator), Yang, C. (Creator), Yu, Y. (Creator), Dr Vincenzo Tamma (Creator), Bao, X. (Creator), Pan, J. (Creator), American Physical Society, 22 Aug 2018


  7. Supplemental material for 'Hectometer revivals of quantum interference'.

    Rambach, M. (Creator), Lau, W.  . S. (Creator), Laibacher, S. (Creator), Dr Vincenzo Tamma (Creator), White, A. G. (Creator), Weinhold, T. J. (Creator), American Physical Society, 30 Aug 2018


  8. Supplementary information for 'Operando mapping of Li concentration profiles and phase transformations in graphite electodes by MRI and NMR'.

    Krachkovskiy, S. A. (Creator), Dr Jamie Foster (Creator), Bazak, J. D. (Creator), Balcom, B. J. (Creator), Goward, G. R. (Creator), ACS Publications, 24 Aug 2018


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