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University of Portsmouth

Organisational unit: University

  1. Artist's Studio. The Coach House, Peacock Lane, Old Portsmouth PO1 2PA

    Mr Francis Graves, Aaron Noke, Angela Davey & Phil Illingworth


    Project: Research

  2. 15NSFBIO - Synthetic Biology for Lignin Utilisation

    Professor John McGeehan

    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council


    Project: OtherR: Research

  3. 20th Century Naval Dockyards: Devonport and Portsmouth Characterisation Report

    Dr Ann Veronica Coats, David Evans, David Davies, Ray Riley & Jonathan Coad


    Project: Research

  4. 4D Sensing System for home-based facial palsy therapy

    Professor Hui Yu

    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


    Project: OtherR: Research

  5. A Self Learning and Autonomonous Smart Sensor Network for Intelligent Video Analytics for Behavioural Profiling

    David Brown

    Innovate UK


    Project: ResearchR: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

  6. A film on urban regeneration in the UK

    Dr Carol Ekinsmyth, Professor Donald Houston & Rob Parker


    Project: OtherI: Miscellaneous

  7. AFM Training in relation to adhesion mapping of human hair sections

    Dr James Smith


    Project: InnovationI: Consultancy and Services

  8. AFM analysis of bacteria exposed to 'a commercial product'

    Dr James Smith


    Project: InnovationI: Consultancy and Services

  9. AFM examination of hair surfaces

    Dr James Smith


    Project: InnovationI: Consultancy and Services

  10. AFM nanoindentation studies on hair

    Dr James Smith


    Project: InnovationI: Consultancy and Services

  11. AFM study of 18-MEA on human hair

    Dr James Smith


    Project: InnovationI: Collaborative Programmes

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