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University of Portsmouth Dental Academy

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The University of Portsmouth Dental Academy is committed to research which contributes to evidence-based health care for patients and the wider community and to high quality education of the dental team. The academy engages with internal and external collaborators; both locally and internationally in our research. Our research is aligned to our teaching and innovation activities. 

We support postgraduate research opportunities through MRes and PhD degrees. The graduate school research training programme is available to all postgraduate students and research active staff.

Postgraduate Opportunities

The academy welcomes enquiries and applications from prospective full time and part time UK, EU and international researchers interested in completing MRes and PhD degrees.

For MRes Science please view our UPDA research themes.

For PhD enquiries please view our Postgraduate Research Degrees or contact the dental academy.

The academy’s current priority research themes include:


Dental Public Health involves the understanding of the context in which clinicians’ work and places emphasis on promoting health, preventing disease and facilitating access to high quality dental care including prevention.

There are many determinants which adversely affect oral health. Dental Public Health considers the links between these determinants, while acknowledging the environmental, psychosocial and behavioral influences on the oral health of the population. It is also concerned with the provision of effective and efficient services to promote and maintain oral health as well as restore people with oral disease to health, and thus to reduce disability and dependence.


This theme of pedagogic research focusses on development and evaluation of innovative, high quality education for the dental team. 

This involves investigating student assessment and feedback, the development and evaluation of novel teaching techniques (e.g. ‘flipping’ the classroom), the role of mental imagery in the learning of practical skills, the impact of PG teaching on clinical practice, the training requirements of the dental team, student recruitment, fitness to practice and the development of new operative and learning tools for dentistry. It also employs collaborative opportunities between industrial partners and entrepreneurs.


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