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Dr Adam Cox

Innovation Services Lead, Senior Lecturer

Adam Cox


I have a BSc in Business Economics from the University of Portsmouth, an MSc in Economics from the University of Southampton, and am currently completing a PhD thesis on ‘Sports Economics’ at the University of Portsmouth.

I am a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance and have two strands of research: Environmental policy; and economics of professional team sports. Both areas of research are applications of economic theory and empirical tools to real world problems.

Within the Faculty of Business and Law I am a Business Services Leader, facilitating business revenue growth that secures international commercial research and teaching contracts. The role includes new business development, relationship management and delivery of business services. Using internationally excellent research and teaching to deliver bespoke executive education, consultancy and applied research to a wide range of clients.

Research Interests

My research is situated in the fields of sports economics and environmental policy.

My PhD thesis investigates the impact of selling Premier League football broadcast rights on the demand for watching live matches. Internationally recognised journal articles have been published from this thesis, one of which has been awarded the Neil Rackham prize for research dissemination, appearing in a number of news and sports websites globally. For example, The Daily Mail published the research findings here.

I supervise a number of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations within the field of sports economics, for example: “The impact of revenue sharing on competitive balance in professional sports leagues” and “Home advantage in international football matches”.

Recent contract research, consultancy, has focussed on applying economic tools to analyse the economic impact of not for profit organisations and local authorities. Other consultancy projects include: economic analysis of local labour markets and benefit payments; and economic assessments of the local area across various years.

From time to time, I comment on real world issues in professional sports on my blog, found here.

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