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Dr Adrian James

Senior Lecturer



Dr Adrian James joined ICJS following a long career in the Metropolitan Police Service. Adrian was a detective for almost 25 years, working with a variety of Scotland Yard departments, the UK’s Regional Crime Squads, the National Crime Squad, and on extended projects with HM Revenue and Customs and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.  Whilst a serving officer, Adrian James studied for a HNC in Public Administration, a BSc degree in Policing and Police Studies, and an MSc in Criminal Justice Policy. Towards the end of his police career, Adrian was awarded a research fellowship to support his PhD studies. Since joining ICJS, Adrian has completed his PhD and developed his research interests in: policing policy and reform; the history and culture of the detective force; covert policing; criminal intelligence; and organised crime.

Research Interests

ACPO has commissioned Adrian to lead a project researching ‘what works’ in intelligence-led practice (report to be delivered by April, 2015). He also is researching a social and cultural history of Britain’s Criminal Investigation Department and the impact of its culture on investigative practice.  

ID: 28658