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Dr Adrian Tear

Visiting Researcher

Adrian Tear


I am a Teaching Fellow and Visiting Researcher in the School of the Environment, Geography and Geosciences at the University of Portsmouth.


I graduated with a BA (Honours) in Geography from the University of Durham in 1991 before gaining my MSc in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Edinburgh in 1992. Following a highly varied commercial career in the market analysis and web development sectors my PhD in Geography, examining the role of space and place in ~8 million politicised online social media interactions, was awarded by the University of Portsmouth in 2018.

Teaching Responsibilities

I deliver BSc and MSc level lectures in Geography at the Universities of Portsmouth and Edinburgh.

At the University of Portsmouth modules cover:

  • Geographical Information Systems and Science
  • Geographies of Health and Urban Wellbeing
  • Social Media Data Analysis
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Advanced SQL
  • Object Relational Databases
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Web Mapping
  • Big Data
  • Planning for Renewable Energy

At the University of Edinburgh, where I am an Honorary Fellow in the School of GeoSciences, I deliver an optional module (Business Geographics) to students of the School’s MSc in Geographical Information Science.

Research Interests

My research interests centre around patterns of political information consumption and/or sharing over Online Social Networks (OSNs), making use of techniques from:

  • Geographical Information Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Science

Outputs from my research are available here.

ID: 16351509