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Akinola Kila

Akinola Kila


Published doctoral researcher of information systems in school of
computing at the University Of Portsmouth, UK. The PhD research focuses on improving decision making in complex engineering/ technical organisation using cybernetics and systems thinking approaches.
Team member of information systems research group at the school of
computing and has published two papers in both Journal and conference
procedings of the United Kingdom Systems Society (UKSS). Notable
publication includes a peer reviewed journal article titled:'Towards
building an intelligent system based on Cybernetics and Viable System
Model' published in the international Journal of Systems Society
(Systemist) December 2019.

Research has to do with decision-making modalities in complex engineering environment: Cybernetics and systems thinking methodology. This field of research is related to intelligent Systems/Organizations; Cybernetics, systems operation; information systems and management

Research Interests

Decision-making modalities in complex engineering environment and general organisations; Cybernetics and systems thinking methodology;

Intelligent Systems/Organizations;

Sstems operation;

Information systems and management


Teaching Responsibilities

Currently, a member of staff of University of Portsmouth, as a Lecturer PTHP, tutoring and teachingĀ on part time basis. Courses include but not limited to: Information systems and management; Web product development and management; Interaction Design (Human Computer Interaction (HCI)) and Introduction to programming at both undergraduate and Masters Level.

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