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Dr Alaa Mohasseb


Alaa Mohasseb


Dr. Alaa Mohasseb is a lecturer in Computer Science at the School of Computing. She is a member of the computational intelligent research group. She received her PhD in computing from the University of Portsmouth in 2018. 

Previously, She has worked as a KTP Research Associate. The project which is a collaboration between the university and Fresh Relevance Ltd. aimed to develop machine learning and AI-based approaches to help customers make better marketing decisions. She also was a Senior Research Associate in a project titled, "A Case Study in the Analysis of SME Cyber Security Datasets to Predict Response Levels".

In addition, she has worked as a part-time lecturer at the school of computing in which she delivered units for undergraduates and postgraduates within subject areas of Practical Data Analytics and Mining and Systems, Security and Data Analysis.

Her current research interests are in the field of Text Mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine learning and the implementation of methods in these fields to different applications such as question classification and cybersecurity threat prediction. She has won several awards including the bronze prize in the annual international competition on best Research & Innovation projects in Cyber Security, run by the Korean Industrial Technology Security Hub.

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Text Mining and Information Retrieval.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Applied Machine Learning And Data Mining
  • Core Computing Concepts For Cyber Security And Forensic Computing
  • Key concepts of databases
  • Programming

ID: 12750685