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Dr Alan Tait

Senior Lecturer

Alan Tait


I currently lecture in the areas of strategic management, knowledge management, and future studies having previously taught in the areas of information management, entrepreneurship and business research methods.

My engagement with business has ranged from evaluating the knowledge management approach of a Scottish economic development agency to conducting market research for a Scottish walking festival. In the future, I hope to engage with local and international businesses on areas such as the identification of synergy opportunities and the unearthing of assumptions behind synergy management initiatives.

Research Interests

My predominant research interest is in examining the synergy concept within corporate strategy. This was developed during my PhD research which critically examined the synergy concept within knowledge management. My current research involves identifying how extensive the synergy idea is across the practice of corporate strategy as well as highlighting the underlying assumptions implicit in the theory of synergy within corporate strategy discourse. Supplementing this interest is my other research interest in the design and implementation of original research methodologies.

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