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Professor Aldert Vrij

Professor of Social Psychology

  1. Data availability statement for 'Facilitating disclosure in intelligence interviews: the joint influence of helpfulness priming and interpersonal approach'.

    Neequaye, D. A. (Creator), Ask, K. (Creator), Granhag, P. A. (Creator) & Professor Aldert Vrij (Creator), John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1 Oct 2018


  2. Data availability statement for 'Interviewing to manage threats: exploring the effects of interview style on information gain and threateners’ counter-interview strategies'.

    Geurts, R. (Creator), Ask, K. (Creator), Granhag, P. A. (Creator) & Professor Aldert Vrij (Creator), American Psychological Association, 11 Sep 2018


  3. Supplementary material for '“I think you did it!”: Examining the effect of presuming guilt on the verbal output of innocent suspects during brief interviews'.

    Portnoy, S. (Creator), Professor Lorraine Hope (Creator), Professor Aldert Vrij (Creator), Granhag, P. A. (Creator), Ask, K. (Creator), Eddy, C. (Creator) & Landström, S. (Creator), Wiley Online Library, 19 Aug 2019


  4. Supporting information for 'Extending the verifiability approach framework: the effect of initial questioning'.

    Harvey, A. (Creator), Professor Aldert Vrij (Creator), Sarikas, G. (Creator), Dr Sharon Leal (Creator), Jupe, L. (Creator) & Nahari, G. (Creator), Wiley Online Library, 8 Nov 2018


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