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Aldo Stornelli

Aldo Stornelli


I am a PhD researcher at the Strategy, Enterprise, and Innovation subject group currently working on a fully funded research project. My research focuses on how manufacturing technologies enable innovation. The project proposes to explore manufacturing innovation through the use of advanced technologies such as 3D printing or IoT based systems in contemporary smart factories.


I achieved an MA in Languages at the University of Rome, and an MSc in Business and Management at BAL school in Portsmouth. Along my career I have managed my own business in the creative industries sector and worked as a manager in different contexts. As a production manager I developed great interest in production environments going from technology use to product development.

Research Interest  

My current research is essentially in the context of innovation management, in particular on how manufacturing technologies enable different levels of innovation.

  • Product and Process Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • New Product Development

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach on different undergraduate and postgraduate programmes related to business and management. Specifically on the module “Contemporary issues of Product and Service Development”, MSc in “Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship”.




ID: 12067738