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Dr Alessandra Fasulo

Senior Lecturer, Faculty Research Degrees Coordinator

  1. Rachel Carter Second supervisor

    School of Film, Media & Communication

    Critical and Creative Processes of an Aspie Author

    17/10/18 → …

  2. Dario Pedrabissi First/Lead supervisor

    School of Architecture

    New Collective Housing in Seoul: Studies on contemporary living concepts and housing typologies in a hyper-dense east Asian city.

    4/02/19 → …

  3. Lucy Arnold Second supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    Strategies Used by Suspects During a Police Interview

    26/06/19 → …

  4. Leanne Chrisostomou Second supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    Discovering hidden abilities (DHA): Building Assessment tools for children with atypical development

    5/11/18 → …

  5. James Clay Third supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    Investigating the relationship between socio-economic status and hazardous drinking: Effects of stress, impulsivity, gender and ethnicity

    11/10/19 → …

  6. Katie Crompton Second supervisor

    Department of Psychology

    More Compassion, Better Grades? A Mixed Method Study on the Effects of Mindfulness on Prosocial Behaviour and Academic Performance in 7 to 11 Year Old Schoolchildren

    3/09/19 → …

  7. Christian Enderle First/Lead supervisor

    Faculty of Business & Law

    Reflecting Cost of Quality in multi-criteria supplier selections within the automotive industry

    30/01/19 → …

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