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Dr Alessia Tranchese

Senior Lecturer

Alessia Tranchese


Alessia Tranchese is Senior Lecturer in Communication and Applied Linguistics at the University of Portsmouth, where she teaches a range of subjects, including Gender, Language and Sexuality and Analysing Media Discourse. Her research interests focus on the representation of rape and violenge against women in the media, Corpus Linguistics, and Critical Discourse Analysis. She is particularly interested in the study of the language of sexualised violence against women in the digital world. She has worked with a number of organisations and think tanks (e.g. The Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust, AVA - Against Violence and Abuse, West London Rape Crisis Centre, DEMOS, Full Fact). She is also a qualified translator and interpreter between Italian, English and German.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the representation of violence against women in the media. I am interested in the relationship between media and society and, more precisely, in issues related to gender, power and discrimination both in traditional and new media.

ID: 3374295