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Dr Alexis Artaud De La Ferriere

Senior Lecturer

Alexis Artaud De La Ferriere


I am a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Portsmouth and an Associate Researcher at the Groupe Sociétés Religions Laïcités(EPHE/CNRS) in Paris.

I sit on the board of directors for the Association Française de Sciences Sociales des Religions and on editorial board of  the peer-reviewed journal Social Sciences and Missions.

I am a co-investigator on the RELIMIG project, a collaborative project which investigates the social and religious trajectories of Catholic migrants in France and is funded by the French National Research Agency.  With Nicholas Miller, I coordinate the Religious Liberty and Covid-19 Research Project.

Prior to joining the University of Portsmouth in 2020, I was Lecturer in International Relations and Migration  in the Politics Department at SOAS, University of London. Before that, I was a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of International Relations in the Middle East and North Africa (CIRMENA) at the University of Cambridge. I was an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield and pursued my postgraduate studies (MPhil, PhD) at the University of Cambridge.

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Research Interests

My research focuses on the relationship between politics and religion, analysing the transnational social action of religious actors and the socio-political effects of demographic and ideational changes within world religions. Using ethnographic, archival, and survey methods, I investigate how Christian organisations and networks engage with normative debates across the Mediterranean basin, and how migration flows across this region affect individuals’ religious and political identities. In recent years, I have developed this research through four axes of study:

1. Forms of social action and lobbying by Catholic actors in the field of human rights and international migration.

2. Church-state relations, secularisation, and laïcité.

3. The religiosity of Christian migrants and the impact of religion on migrants’ social anchoring in host societies.

4. Debates within Catholic social thought on migration and national identity.

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ID: 18763675