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Dr Alistair Harvey

Senior Lecturer



I completed my PhD in experimental psychology at the University of Reading and have held subsequent academic positions at the University of Winchester, the University of South Carolina Upstate, the University of North Georgia, and Western Carolina University. I took up my post here at Portsmouth in August 2016.

Research Interests

I am a member of the Department’s International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology (ICRFP) with primary interests in the effects of acute alcohol intoxication on scene perception, eyewitness memory, face identification, face processing, police composite construction, selective listening and auditory memory. Secondary interests include serial recall, free recall, the auditory modality effect, executive tasks and the structure and processes of human episodic memory. I have also published papers on the teaching and learning of psychology in higher education.

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach and coordinate the Introduction to Psychological Science module and I am Subject Lead for the department’s combined honours psychology courses. I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate projects, tutor students on the Exploring Psychology module and deliver lectures on the Forensic Psychology in Context module.

ID: 4630613