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Dr Andreas Hoecht

Principal Lecturer

Andreas Hoecht


I am a Principal Lecturer and the research leader and research degree coordinator at the Faculty of Business and Law. Previously, I was the programme director for the DBA (Professional Doctorate in Business Administration) and I teach research methods and international business, mainly at postgraduate level.  My main research interest is trust within and between organisations.

Research Interests

I have published on issues of trust and control in inter-organisational relationships, in particular the role of trust in outsourcing relationships and the effect of outsourcing on the innovation capability of business organisations. A key issue in this research has been the risk of information leakage, as a consequence of poor outsourcing decisions and also of collaborative R&D ventures without proper concern for their innovation impact. Another strategic management research concern has focused on problems associated with counterfeiting as a consequence of outsourcing and international business collaboration ventures and the anti-counterfeiting strategies that firms can adopt to control these risks.

I am also interested in Higher education management and has published on issues of trust, professional autonomy and accountability in Higher Education. I am also interested in issues of trust in entrepreneurship.

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